A downloadable game for Windows

Pitch :

Have you ever wanted to sacrifice some kids (to protect your village) ?

Play as an Inca village chief during the Spanish invasion, slightly machiavellian on the edges. All blows are allowed to defend his territory. You will have to kill, slit the throat and bury alive children to acquire the power of the deities capable of protecting your land.

Gameplay :

You'll start at your village every round, where you will have to kill or bury children in order to get a power from a god. The type of power you'll get will depends on the number of kills and burials.
Not every power is effective, because enemies have some resistance, and you'll have to adapt yourself to inflict maximum damage.

Features :

  • Movement 
  • Attack (Kill children and spanish soliders)
  • Magic Power

 Team :

Creation and Design team :

Game Artist :

Game Programmer :

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Capacocha Alpha 2 34 MB